Einstein Proves the Existence of God!

This post is part of the January 30th God or Not blog carnival based on the topic of the Definition of God to be held at the Uncredible Hallq.

In his Miracle Year of 1905, Albert Einstein proved the existence of God and thereby defined God. We’re all familiar with Einstein’s e=mc2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared) equation. However what most people don’t know is that originally Einstein wasn’t solving for “e”, he was solving for “m” so his original equation was m=e/c2 (mass equals energy divided by the speed of light squared). So what, what’s the difference? With the first equation we learn how to get energy out of mass which has led, for example, to the fission of atoms and getting energy (the atomic bomb and nuclear energy). But in the second equation we learn how mass is created by energy and that, for example, the energy generated by the blastoff of the space shuttle adds mass the weight of a flee to the shuttle. (For more authority on this idea listen to Frank Wilczek, Theoretical Physicist and Nobel Laureate at MIT, Sheldon Glashow, Theoretical Physicist and Nobel Laureate at Boston University and Albert himself!). It takes a tremendous amount of energy to create mass. So what would we call the energy that would be large enough, powerful enough and pervasive enough to create the solar system, the planets, the stars, the sun, you, me and everything on earth…come on…that’s right…say it with me…GOD! God is Energy.

This Energy has a certain quality that humanity has sort of been familiar with. Energy is abstract and we’ve been able to identify and work with this abstraction. For example Beethoven worked with joy when he composed Ode to Joy and when we listen to it we’re able to sense it. We can sense, or better yet, “intuit”, other divine energies such as the serenity in nature, the beauty in a rose, the freedom in the spirit of America, the compassion of a good teacher or the strength in a mountain range. So what would we call the quality of the Energy that put Itself forth and invested the effort to create and sustain every part of world, that developed a Divine Plan and that has the deep patience to allow the Plan to unfold over countless millennia and that, as Paul said, always protects, always hopes, always perseveres and never fails…come on…that’s right…say it with me…LOVE! God is Love.

As hinted at above God’s Energy has been fragmented into smaller bits of energy that we call joy, love, beauty, peace, compassion, wisdom, harmony, goodwill and strength. But is has also been fragmented into an energy that created you and me. This is a special energy because unlike all the other creations in the world this energy has allowed us to develop to the point of becoming self-aware. So what de we call the energy that’s “behind us”, that created and sustains us, that allows us to identify, contemplate and work with abstract concepts and that connects us to all…come on…that’s right…say it with me…the SOUL! We are divine selves that were made in God’s image.

Einstein proved that energy and matter are interchangeable, in other words they are one or whole. God and all things of this universe are interchangeable, in other words they are one or whole. Our divine self and our human self are interchangeable, in other words they are one or whole (a person who has learned to act as this integrated self is called “holy”). God and the soul are creative, loving, abstract energies that invested themselves into creating and sustaining you, me and the world.

Einstein is famous for saying, “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.” God is Energy. God is Love. My hope is that you, in your attempt to define and understand God, have a revelation and reaction like Einstein when he solved his theory of special relativity and the next day went to is friend Michele Besso’s home and, without even saying hello, blurted out, “Thank you, I’ve completely solved the problem.”


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  1. Sean says:

    Have you seen god? Has anyone in the world seen god? Why would god let priest(words from god) to molest boys? Can you talk with god? no such thing exist. God is made up to keep our sanity. Something to keep believing in.

    • Eric says:

      Have you seen air. Have you seen love. Most are a feeling you get when you are around it. Think about it why would a humble creator try to bask in his own glory of creation, he would’nt its because he is humble. If he wanted something out of all of this he would make himself known. Hell i question myself about this topic way too much, but at the end of the day i know we are living on borrowed energy and when we die it is spread back out among new life. Just my opinion, you have yours which is a solid statement, but this race needs something to believe in. If not, whats the point of living.

      • Jimbo says:

        Yes, god is a creation of human imagination to explain things around us. You can’t visibly see air, but we now have instruments that can sense air movements and air particles. I cannot see love, but I can definitely see and identify the biological chemicals that induces the feelings of love and drives our behavior. The universe is just a game of incomplete information and we as human beings have to fill that void with our explanations. If we want to understand our universe more we’ll have to realize our own creations as our creations and not a divine answer.

    • Rincy says:

      Someone who does not believe in God is like saying that a Boeing 747 created all by itself ! Yup , it was simply 1 big accident !! All the nuts , bolts , engines .. what have you.. magically placed itself together to create this great feat of engineering and it gets better.. it can fly too !! Come on .. people make mistakes ,not God .. the choice to molest or not always lies within a person .. God has not programmed us to be robots . He has given us freewill , to choose or not to choose.. Look at this world around you ..Its our freewill that causes war , pain and suffering .. dont blame God for it !

    • Edward says:

      I see GOD in every living childs eyes

  2. Martin says:

    Einstein’s understanding that the universe is very organized is consistent with the existence of a supreme being (God).

    • Scott says:

      Actually, whenever Einstein referred to a “god” it was simply as a way of elocuting the beauty that such a universe could exist at all. However, Einstein himself stated many times that IF there was any god at all, it wasn’t the personal god of almost all the religions on the planet. This entire website is ridiculous.

  3. jj says:

    It is sad, Sean, that you say such things. I highly doubt that you are educated enough to make any kind of statement regarding religion period. Brilliant men have been arguing for thousands of years over what you just summed up in one sentence. Unfortunately, the more science has tried to prove that there is no God the more they have proved that there is one. There are things that happen in this life that simply cannot be explained through science and reason.

  4. Mike Rizzio says:

    Brendan, maybe you would appreciate my work at http://eucharist-emc2.blogspot.com … maybe not.

    God who is pure act, and constant, and one in being is Divine Action and as the Greeks termed it energeia.

    The trick comes when we have to decide the ontological difference between the Almighty Creator and His very dependent creation, the former is ABSOLUTE and the later is RELATIVE.

    This is the problem in this age of the “dictatorship of relativism.”

    God bless your work.

  5. ZeusEnergy says:

    I’ve got my own ideas. Gravity is said to be nearly instant in action regardless of the distance. It’s speed is immeasurable because our instruments cannot keep up.
    The idea that gravity may be instantaneous has many implications.
    I’ve put quite a bit of thought into it and the idea correlates with certain anomalies such as entangled particles and the observer effect. If entangled particles can be separated by any distance, and can still communicate state and spin with no delay, then it should also be possible to at the very least, communicate voice and data wirelessly and the devices using this connection will be the bottlenecks instead of the “pipe” if you will. Gravity’s infinite speed is also consistent with the idea that there is a ground state, or zero-point energy that we are all bathed in, including the rest of the universe. The mere fact that gravity can go faster than the speed of light -many other postulations and theory are based on the speed of light!- gives science a clue to what we cannot yet see or agree on, which is the unknown. Isn’t it the role of science to uncover the unknown? Most of science’s firm laws and logic that deny or preclude the existance of the phenomena I describe will not last. These rules shall be broken in time by these new discoveries and many more we haven’t uncovered, and there will be a great deal of debate about it along the way. But there will be many benefits in discovery and progress with technology on a staggering level. It’s already begun.

    My personal take on a Theory of Everything is that there is a single field of energy, interconnected over vast distance and able to communicate with any other part of the universe. This energy is the culmination of all things, places, and times and gives rise to us all. We feel it directly in the observed forward dimension of time which biases our outlook on what is actually taking place. The universe is in a state of creation of subatomic particles, but what we sometimes don’t realize is that those particles aren’t even solid. Everything is made from an energetic field or energy which has unlimited potential and probability.

    An explanation of the universe in a unified theory may include the following:

    1) Every point in space is connected by at least one field called gravity, therefore every “particle” or wave that it is made from knows where the others are and the state they are in, supporting the idea of an infinite amount of information being transmitted. We see this action as gravity, but the actual function communicates interactions between our physical universe’s constituant components and it is instant in action. There is no other way for the universe to maintain order without this information.

    2) The physical universe as we know it is a construct supported on a framework of that information, which is what creates what we believe to be physically there. In other words, matter is a property of that information, as are waves of any kind.

    3) The “ether” or zero-point energy or cosmic flux is another property of the information, and can be described best as unfocused potential, but it is also responsible for all energetic reactions occuring in the universe.

    The sheer scale of how much of the universe is actually empty space is astonishing, yet even that emptiness holds surprises. Harnessing the apparent power and performance of the “backdoor to the universe” could possibly hold the keys to practical use of instantaneous travel and communications as well as provide an interesting alternative to replication, or creation of items seemingly from out of the air, instead of using advanced molecular assemblers. Force fields will also be a reality, and will be nothing more than a computer-generated signal with the proper information about where and what should be generated by the field. Replicator, transporter, and communications devices will in fact be one device. The device will be able to perform all of these tasks if we tap the potential that exists under our noses. This can be done through the combination of the universal flux of energy creating on a subatomic level, the power contained within that flux, and of course the infinite potential of the speed of gravity and my example of entangled particles as a possible means to communicate the “program.”

    Going even further, we could also toss consiousness into the equation along with experience. What if the information the universe is made up of also has the potential of experience? Call it God, call it universal Consiousness, call it Fate. You can also call it The Force, Chi, Manna, Spirituality, and Time. Now we have an explanation for any odd occurances, results, and coincidances because time and space are irrelevant to the universe. Just like the instant effects of certain events regardless of space, those effects must be measurable outside of time as well. What we observe from Earth is an effect of finite lifespans (perception of time) and limitations or properties of what the information generates as physical to us. With the infinite information flowing between all particles in the universe in what we call gravity, the possibility of all events and objects being broadcast the same way from one source does not seem so far fetched, in fact it unifies all events and objects as a whole system.
    In essence, there is only ONE, be it God or something that we named so.

  6. Kyle says:

    hi Brendan and all, I had stumbled across this post in September when I had been thinking the EXACT same things (god=love=energy). I especially agree with ZeusEnergy in his comments. That was the scientific and philosophical definition that I had been seeking but could not put into words! I have a posting on my blog that I thought you might want to read:



  7. kaustubh says:

    its true that the energy we now have around us either in form of mass or energy itself must have originated from something
    a true definition of this world can be guided through indian siprituality
    which describes this world as a fake.Actually the material world we see doesnt exist
    but god has made it in such a way so that there is no proof to show of his existence
    many would really laugh at this fact that how can the world we see,we feel
    is false
    but its the truth
    We are living in a world where the is no limit to universe
    Actually god built this world from a thing which indians knows as ‘chetan’
    which isnt a physical thing & similar to mind but not mind
    it is thing which is different between living beings
    and non livings

  8. Zach says:

    I would just like to state I am educated on the ideas of religion, and am not a hating-questioning-atheist looking to antagonize, merely curious… that being said. If God is Energy and converted that energy into matter (i.e. our universe’s creation), God must be an infinite amount of energy, but from my understanding of the scientific side, there is not an unlimited amount of energy, things exist until they are no longer able to sustain themselves…. SO my question is then will there be a point in time when God “will run out” or he is the Being of Energy that doesn’t “exist” and He can’t run out… because His existence is infinite and immeasurable… Please get back to me via email if anyone has any answers to this. Thank you very much.


    • Eternal says:

      The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy is constant, generally to include heat. The Law of Energy Conservation states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. You can look it up at any scientific laws posted here on the net. If you understand this then you will understand that energy is infinite, meaning eternal. If so, then your inquiry is no more than ignorance; either you really have no information concerning these laws or simply playing stupid just to defend an illogical argument. If you intend to use the Law of Entropy allow me to emphasize that entropy is the deterioration of a mass or body or an environment from its stable state to an disorder state hence arriving to a chaotic state wherein when all matter/energy in the universe arrive to such a state the universe will arrive to a point in equilibrium hence will experience what science called “the heat death.” Simply put, entropy is simply the transformation from useful energy to useless energy, hence cannot be defined as “run out” or non-existent. Even on its useless or nonconvertible state, energy still exist, hence respecting the 1st Law of Thermodynamics which rules the very universe we are currently existing.


    • Blessed and Favored says:

      According to the first law of thermodynamics, which is the law of conservation of energy, energy is neither created nor destroyed. therefore, it has always been in existence. According to the second law of thermodynamics, which is the law of entropy, every system left to its own devices always tends to move from order to disorder, its energy tending to be transformed into lower levels of availability, finally reaching the state of complete randomness and unavailability for further work. Availability and existence are two very different things. According to the first law, Energy cannot “run out”. The availability part is for us. God’s grace runs out when we grieve his Spirit by hardening our hearts to him (Fortunately for us, God is VERY patient!). In this way, we limit our access to Him, but He himself does not cease to exist.
      We are systems. When we do not allow God to operate in us, and we continue in our habitual sin, refusing to accept his correction and obey his commands, He will eventually “give them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity”; “to degrading passions”; and “to a debased mind.” God’s grace and mercy are boundless to those who turn from their wicked ways and come to him in sincerity of heart, but to those who refuse, judgment awaits. To answer your question, God doesn’t run out; grace does.

  9. deman says:

    The fact is that eventually all of the potential energy will be used up as kinetic energy (i.e. – as far as the scientific community is aware the energy is finite). However, because the potential energy has all been converted into other forms does not necessarilly mean that the existance of God (as energy) reaches an end. Energy will always exist whether it sustains the universe or exists as heat in the vast black of space.
    The issue I must bring up is the idea that energy has rules ( like God has rules ). There has not been a scientific study anywhere documenting a situation where energy breaks the rules. The scientific community agrees that human beings are made of the same energy that everything else is. If the energy in human beings must follow rules that can never be broken, then it follows that there is no free will. We must be merely carrying out the rules that energy must follow and has never (in recorded history) deviated from. My question is this: If there is no free will, how can there be love?
    More over, if there is no free will, what use is there for a soul?
    Perhaps there is something more than just energy that shuffles the cards to allow randomness somewhere. I can’t see that God could possibly be described as love when at the same time God is the same energy that powers a toaster. While it is true that energy powers the toaster to make heat, it would take an incredible perspective to sense the love coming from the toaster.


  10. Brendan McPhillips says:

    @ Zack you answered your own question, God’s energy is infinite, it will not run out. Your confusion may stem from a clear definition of energy…see below…

    @ Deman, I have no idea of what premise you’re making with “If the energy in human beings must follow rules that can never be broken, then it follows that there is no free will.”, however I think that a bit more discussion of the type of energy I’m referring too may help. Just as there’s a duality everywhere; heaven and earth, body and soul, light and darkness, there is a duality to energy. Think of it as divine energy and physical energy. You mention the energy of a human being and of a toaster. These are physical energies; the electro-chemical energy powers the physical body and electrical energy powers a toaster. But the divine energy of the soul ultimately created and sustains the physical energy of the body. Physical energy is finite but divine energy is infinite.

    I’m not sure of how to relate this too a toaster but let’s use a rose as another example. The rose’s physical energy is obviously the converting of the sun and nutrients, photosynthesis, into its growth but the divine energy that created and sustains the rose is BEAUTY! The rose’s physical energy will end but BEAUTY will never end!

    Beauty, God, the soul, and divine energy are abstract and that’s why people have a problem relating this to science and science’s understanding of physical, i.e. concrete, energy.

    Hope this helps,

  11. Kindel says:

    This concept occurred to me a few years ago and it had me unable to sleep this evening. Very cool article! You got my brain gears going and it’s awful nice. I googled “God and Energy” and found this article. I took very little time to research the science previously, but simply meditated on the idea..

    Energy cannot be measured, no one really knows what it is or where it originates, yet all of life exists only because of it, even the “Big Bang” relies on it. It is absolutely everywhere, it transforms, it’s intelligent, it heals, it creates, everything is made from it, you can’t see it until it takes form of something palpable. No life can exist without it.

    It’s funny the way insects and certain animals will retreat for cover when a storm is coming. But lightening is concentrated energy. After a good lightening storm, all the grass grows really quickly, like it just had an injection of life. When energy levels are high in the air, those insects can sense it. Maybe it’s a bit overwhelming to them. In the story of Moses, for instance, after he brought the Jews out of Egypt and they were living in the desert, the Jews began to demand God’s presence. When God came into their presence, it was so intense for the Jews and they wanted Him to back off. I just imagine this overwhelming force of energy, that probably was not nearly as close as they imagined it was, and so strong that it would kill them.
    What is the “root” of all energy? If there were a source it all came from, what could that possibly be? I believe it is God. I wouldn’t say God is “just” energy, by any means. I don’t think it is nearly that simple. However, exactly like God, energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed. But look at everything He has transformed! I have a metaphoric image of the sun as this center of all energy and then the rays coming from it are all of us and the rest of the universe.

    We can not conceive of the idea that God was never created but always existed, but science accepts that energy can not be created without energy, so then science accepts that energy has always existed.

    This is why you can not disprove God. If Energy works this way, then God can too.

    Once you have energy, you have the power to transform it, with limits, as all entities do. Quiet thought has countless energetic abilities. Since thought is energy, much like electricity passing through a computers circuit board, it is absolutely a transmittable energy source. Electricity can be relatively contained through medals, but less concentrated forms of energy can pass through everything everywhere with no way of containing it.
    Have you ever seen two movies come out at once or two songs released at once that are so very much the same? As if the creators were both engaged by the same wave of inspiration at the same time? Dreams of the future, predictions, odd feelings, instinct, little energetic phenomenon’s that in some un-proven way hint at the natural intelligence of energy. It proves that energy carries information, which our brains can tune into and receive like radio waves. I think that can be proven greater by our senses and those unforeseen things that heighten our awareness and fears and make our involuntary bodily functions do very extreme things, without our conscious control. Such as adrenaline.
    This is also how we communicate with God. Each of our brains come equipped with a prepaid wireless phone with God on speed dial. Thought is energy. Energy is intelligent. Telepathy is possible!

    I like how you mentioned “Made in His image.” I personally believe that statement has a few meanings. We’ll know for certain one day, but I don’t expect God to look like a man or woman. I think “made in His image” means parallel energy attributes ie. emoting, loving, thinking, awareness. As well as the concept that man and woman are two halves of a complete emotional whole, which God already was.

    So, really cool.. What makes up a molecule? Atoms. What makes up an Atom? Electrons, protons, neutrons. What makes up those? Various quark charges.. little spinning things.. lol.. yeah.. Energy! Little spinning things in a bunch of different forms and combinations create everything.

    Human beings are made of stuff of the Earth. You are what you eat, water, mineral.. etc. Nothing in the human body is magically just in people. It’s all dirt and water. Just different molecular combinations of all the same stuff. Just like everything we make is. We are super intelligent robots. We have all the materials available to create a human being but no human has the intelligence to do that. Nor do we have the right energy to spark life into such a creation. With all the right energy combinations, God made us from Himself. (In His image) He shared life with us. He gave us life. And He gave us His life. He transformed Himself into one of us and then made it so we could continue to live. I’m sure there’s some really awesome scientific explanation for that, but I’ll never be able to calculate it. And then He gave us the super charged release of free will to find our way back to Him.

    That’s why people like our friend Sean here end up searching for and reading this kind of stuff. You may not chose to believe in Him, but you’re made of Him. And you know His voice and you’re called upon by Him, even when you’re angry. Churches are fallible, because people are fallible. But God is not. You don’t have to have faith in people. They will only let you down. God is the only one you can have real faith in.

    My dog is 4 years old and knows exactly where he’s supposed to use the bathroom but I still find his poop under my bed. Even with the ability to flush, we’re just as lazy. Pre-programed with specific interests, tastes and desires which motivate us like a robots windup tool to set us stumbling off on our path like threads through the tapestry which, from a great distance, makes up one ultimate massive image or plan, which we could never visualize from the ground.
    God remembers we’re made of dust. That was why Jesus died for our sins. Otherwise, we would have to die for our own sins. And that’s why it’s called the “Good News!” Yeah, you suck and make way too many mistakes. But hey! I’ve got some good news! Just like you get a speeding ticket if you get caught speeding.. God/Jesus paid your ticket for you. You’re good to go. All you gotta do is accept it.
    Pretty cool.

  12. Ron says:

    God is who he is.
    The beginig the end.

  13. almaani says:

    hey kindel im only 15 and ive read all the post then as i thought about it it being energy while i was taking out the trash i kept thinking about how you all said everything is energy and it has to be connected and i thought about the sun and the stars stars being all over the galaxy as like transmitters that in like a light year or w/e its called goes to the sun which to me seems like the biggest energy source has its rays reflect that info to us very much like the color of the sea and everything else

  14. almaani says:

    sorry if i didnt contribute or missed something important but i wouldnt go as far as to say god isnt this or that but what if god is the sun always there even when you dont see it and that what makes the energy infinite is that once the sun runs out it might just send its energy to a new host and if im not mistaken the earths core is energy to so something along those lines?

  15. almaani says:

    sorry last comment my psp wont let me stay on one thing but like the suns energy is like untouchable could it be because its untouched and what made it that powerful and i doubt its coincidence its in the center and what about planet cores being like little pieces of a whole that all lead back to the sun

  16. Jimmy says:

    i just figured that out in my head like 10 minutes ago and looked up “god is energy” on google, if you think about it everything around us is energy, the electrons, heat, fire, our selves, and everything else. all the religions on earth talk about one thing, but we do not realise the similarities because we choose to divide and believe in our own thing.

  17. Jimmy says:

    By the way I did not mention god in the way everyone sees him as, I mentioned him as energy.

  18. Taha Rajabi says:

    God is the light of the heavens and the earth. He is the One.
    Nothing is like Him.

  19. Dusty says:

    I gotta’ say that I’ve been raised by a typical Christian family, and all though I’ve always tried to live my life decent (making a few misteps here and there) I’ve always questioned the existence of God.

    Sean, I feel sorry for people so ignorant that when so people of such divine thinking say something, you let your ignorance blow your cover by letting your alligator mouth overload your mocking bird ass. I’m sorry use such vicious analogy, but it’s true.

    Even if God were non existent, the human psyche has a right to beleive as it sees fit. It doesn’t do a thing to hurt you. Keep that in mind the next time someone gives you the honor of explaining their beleifs.

  20. zachman says:

    so please explain the’devil’ to me? is he a ‘bad’ energy that wants to screw with good energy like how if u put water in fire water will resolved but wont be destroyed? like hell we will burn forever but no be destroyed . ikd explain to me tho ??

    • Loltaire says:

      No, the punishment for evil deeds in the traditional Judeo-Christian format is ” the absence of God”. If you read scientific American recently, it postulated that the existance of dark matter outside of the milky way actually pull on the defined shape of the milky way, like a hammer vibrating a gong. This allready shows influence. As for nature, dark matter is a material that, hence its name, cannot absorb or reflect light/ radiation. We can only detect it because of the forces it exerts on us. Is that not the absence of God/Energy?

  21. Taylor says:

    I don’t believe in God like the Bible or most other religions portray him. I don’t think he is one conscious being that listens to us or anything. I do believe that everything is connected, everything is energy. This would mean that God is everything. This would fit the basic description of God. We are created in his image and so on. The way most people perceive God, i think is ignorant and is just a way to explain the world. It’s simple thinking that takes things way too literally. The law of attraction is a very valid take on how energy acts in the universe. Of course it’s only part of the big picture. This would mean that there is no heaven or hell, people do not go to hell for doing bad things or not worshiping God.

  22. Nabeel says:

    God is the light of the heavens and the earth , the parable of His light is as if there were a niche (a compartment in the wall) within it a lamp , the lamp enclosed in a glass , the glass lit as it were a brilliant star , lit from a blessed tree , an olive .. neither of the east nor of the west .. whose oil is brilliantly luminous though fire has never touched it …. Light upon Light … The God guides to His light whomsoever He pleases ….God set up parables for men (so they can ponder) and GOD is aware of all things (QURAN 24:35)

    What I have understood from this is that GOD’s light is available for all of us … but for that we need to ignite our own little light … if we are able to ignite our little light then we would be able to attract GOD’s attention and HIS light in our little worlds … and we will be covered with the LIGHT of guidance of mercy of energy …..

    try finding about dark matter and dark energy ….

    the concept of GOD as an energy is being made more interesting day by day by the endeavour of the scientists ….

    (the paradox is that most of the astrophysicists are atheists and they are the ones being used by GOD to prove HIS existence …. isnt GOD the smartest amongst all :) )

  23. AG says:

    HOAX normally dont last long, however religion remained the longest lasting ONE!

  24. Mitch says:

    Ive been reading books and looking in to this for some time and I have thought about this and how it complies with the world around us and it just makes sense with everything but not the full extent of religions well only some the only thing it come close to a religion is Mysticsim which isnt a religion

  25. Srinivasa Reddy Gurram says:

    God is Light is Energy is Mass is God…

    • Loltaire says:

      And Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle solves for the traditional belief that “god is a mystery”.

  26. kerwin says:

    God is energy. God is love. God is more.

    Disclaimer: I am going to blend my scientific analysis with some philosophical food for thought. It’s more philosophical that scientific, but please stay with me.

    I think it’s great that people are starting to make the connection between God being energy and e=mc2. I would therefore like to discuss what i believe to be the implications of this.

    I believe that there are two realms of existence: the spiritual realm and the physical realm. In the spiritual realm, everything is made up of spiritual energy. This is energy of a higher vibration that that found in the physical realm. In the physical realm, we have ‘physical’ energy and matter.
    Now, i believe that at the ‘time’ of the big bang, a great burst of spiritual energy was stepped down in frequency at one ‘point’. This of course lead to the creation of the physical universe and contradicts the widely held idea that in the beginning, the universe was very very small and very very dense. We therefore are all created from God’s own energy.

    This leads me to my second point. We are created in God’s image and his likeness. God is a creator. God has free will. We therefore have these abilities. Now, it’s easier for some to see/agree with the free will part, but ppl may find it more difficult to believe the creator part. These creative abilities form the basis for the law of attraction. Now, there are some things here which must be understood. We do not have the full creative power of God (obviously). If we did, we could literally wipe the universe from existence with one wrong thought. We however have the potential to increase our creative abilities. We do this by forming a deeper spiritual connection with ourselves. That way, we can invoke energy of a higher frequency (spiritual energy/the light of God) to do our works here on earth. Now, a major goal while here should be to attain and maintain that spiritual connection, that figure 8 flow between your physical self and the spiritual world. If you do good with that energy, more energy would be sent down to you. If you don’t, less energy would be send down, there by restricting your creative energy.

    All the great spiritual teachers had a strong connection to the spiritual world, therefore great creative abilities.

    Thought is energy. We create through our powers of imagination and attention. It is therefore crucial that we control our thoughts.

    Many people complain about what they see in the world. Many blame God, or say that it’s the will of God. People need to realize that they created their own circumstances. This is through the law of attraction. Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, we are constantly creating. The universe is like a mirror. What would you say if you see a man sitting down in front of the mirror waiting for it to smile at him. You’ll tell him to smile first, and the mirror would smile back at him. It’s the same with the universe. If you want to change your outer circumstances, you must first begin by changing yourself and holding on to that vision of yours from a positive perspective (what you want), not from a negative perspective(what you don’t want)

    Different material appeal to different audiences. My recent growth has involved both a scientific and a religious perspective. For this audience, I highly recommend reading the book or watching the movie: “what the bleep do we know”
    I would also highly recommend the book: “the God theory”

    @almaani: God isn’t the sun. The sun is physical. God is more than physical

    @ZeusEnergy: Gravity isn’t instantaneous. Einstein’s general theory of relatively talks about it ‘moving’ at the speed of light, but not faster.

    To anyone who reached this far, thanks for reading. I hope that you are able to take something meaningful away.

  27. Jeff Hansen says:

    In response to the question, has anyone seen God? I would answer yes. In circa 0-33, Jesus Christ, who was God “in the flesh,” he revealed himself to many people. He proved his Deity by many signs and wonders including raising himself from the dead. We have a cast of first hand witnesses to these events who went to gruesome and awful deaths as a direct result of their professions. What ever His essence, God is personal.

  28. J.Heart says:

    Dear Sean, God is an Experience more than an object.

  29. satish says:

    ur work was exceptional please try to prove the existence of oneness of god to india

  30. Mansoor says:

    well, the idea of this article came to my mind a couple of years ago, and since then I have been struggling putting the lost pieces of this puzzle together and make a sense out of them. If we consider God to be an energy then why were we created? were we created randomly and by accident or there was a purpose behind it, as god himself says” I was an unknown treasury, created to be known”, Quran. But what I think is that god is beyond being an energy. I think god is not “Matter”. doesn’t belong to this world. As many philosophers and prophets say, there should be another world, an eternal life which is closer to god than to this maternal life. This way even if we like atheists say the world was created out of nothing, that would be true, cause god is nothing, he is not a matter to be seen, touched, or heard. However, prophets say the only way of connection to god is our soul, if we practice our soul we can understand god better and feel him better.

  31. Levick says:

    A friend and I were discussing this subject in detail yesterday. We concluded that God is energy, as all mass is made up of energy (“God is everywhere”); energy makes things occur (God’s Will); light, sound, and other waves and particles are made of energy (“Let there be light” and such); and ultimately, energy cannot be created or destroyed (neither can God). The rest (love, joy, etc) are simply emotions created by chemical processes in our brilliant brains. And that’s where we hit the wall. Why are our brains so powerful? How is it that we can acknowledge and realise the enormity of the universe as well as take happiness in the beauty of an utterly insignificant butterfly? And how did the Big Bang occur? What forced it to explode? What was there before? If our universe was the size of an atom, then there is more than enough reason to believe that there are more atoms just like it. So, maybe our universe is simply, or was simply, one atom in an even larger universe. Now, if that isn’t thought-provoking I don’t know what is.

  32. abanoub says:

    Hey sean, I just read your comment about if we can see god, or talk to god etc.. well how about i ask you this can you see the wind, no, but you can feel the wind. so thats how you know that the wind is there because you can feel it. the same is with god you think he doesnt exist because you havent looked for him, or tried to feel his presence. and just because you cant see him doesnt mean that he is not there, thats why it is called faith. also how do try to limit god in physical boundries such as sight or touch, if you can see him and touch him then he would just be another person on the planet thats why you have to seek him with your heart and you will find him, but if you just sit on your butt and dont try then you will fail in you search, he will not come to you, unless he sees that your putting effort into looking for him. and you say god is just something to keep us from going crazy well then explain why that they people that break his commandments are the ones in jail, dead, or lost everything and are the ones that are crazy. And can you explain why the commandments that were written by god himself, which were written over over a 2 thousand years ago, still function perfectly in our society even though our society is the compleate opposite of ours, this just proves that GOD DOES EXIST AND GOD KNOWS ALL.

  33. wonderfully fearfully me says:

    Oh man! people who have “their own personal theories” are so funny! There is no argument, if you don’t want to believe then don’t, only a real encounter with God could ever make you. Someone trying to ram it down your throat wont make you believe but a gentle word may just plant a seed that God can use to meet you. And hey, (if its not too scary) rather than debate theories, why not challenge yourself to actually meeting and asking for the medical records of 10 people that have been healed by God whilst not being believers. (you know, just cos you must be super sure of what you believe so it would be no big deal right?) It is easy to do. google people near you that have a testimony and medical records as stone hard proof and email them! Talk to their doctors. I have done this and it is amazing. The man who wrote this article has love and faith and blessings all over him. Praying you wont be discouraged Brendan and am certain that you wont. God bless. :)

  34. wonderfully fearfully me says:

    also, if an atom just exploded then how on earth did pro creation come about. It must have been a really smart atom to create a male and female of each species that is designed perfectly to fit together to mate! Even Darwin admitted that he was wrong, met God and asked for forgiveness just before he died. Google it. plus.. It really doesn’t matter what any of us think about the creation of Earth or the Universe. It is quite possible that both theories are in some way correct. We can easily prove micro evolution, but the evolution of species turning into complete and totally different species has not yet been proven. If there is a God (I do believe there is), he is probably laughing at us for debating this subject so hotly for many years. I think in the end all will become apparent. So scientists keep it up and search for the truth, and church-goers, move with the times and try to not stop science and spread some good in this world, because Lord knows that not a one of us is good enough. So work hard, look for the truth, and don’t lash out at ideas we can barely comprehend.

  35. miles ware says:

    Trillions and trillions of years ago, a time before creation, before human life, before all planets, stars, gravity, and matter of existances, in the blackness of space, there was the birth of GOD, i plan on one day applying my own theory to the existance of everything, including that of GOD’s. Heres a hint, the studying of energy is indeed the closest description of GOD that could ever be, but my theory would take us back to a time of no energy, a state of none exsistance, of anything what so ever, except that of space, and space that can truly indeed be argued, has not needed to be created because, ” its what it is”, without any worping, or gravatational forces, space would indeed be either implodeing or expanding on its self in all directions, with no restrictions, no friction to slow it down, and so if space was growing or moveing in on itself, reaching greater vacums or growing speeds then could ever be measured, a trillion times faster then the speed of light, indeed then this action of space alone would create some form of energy, so now i only have a couple other things that need to be cleared up, how did this energy grow into being the GOD of our universe? and if my phonomena is posible, how many other GODs or Groups Of Energy could have “Space” created like this?
    And finaly if this proves to be what happened, how will science and phisics, be effected by my theory? Miles Ware

  36. Natalie says:

    To the previous comments of ‘ who has seen god’….

    Maybe you need to close your eyes and let your other senses get a word in edge ways………

    You can’t see ‘air’ gravity’ or ‘love’ either, but you know they are there, because you can feel them sometimes can’t you…think about that xxx

  37. Mike says:

    Sean’s the only one making sense. Has anyone seen God? You answer that in 0-33 they did. Wrong-o. You put your faith into a bible, a book written by drunk monks high on ecstacy, saying they did but what really happened in 33AD was… NOTHING OF NOTE. Dig all the holes for yourselves and I’ll try and help you out of them but please don’t give me an article saying I should embrace God. How can you place faith in a book that’s not only just full of holes in the science behind it, but also says that not only are gays the work of Satan and that although we are all the beloved children of God that if we do anything wrong he will send us to a pit of flames and knives for eternity without a second thought?

    • Eric says:

      Who said anything about the bible, were talking about energy and how everything is made of it. The bible may be nonsense but who are you to tell someone what to believe in, thats their right. But, i’ll dig the wholes can you explain paranormal experiences. Explain that with full proof knowledge. Or how life began, you can’t because our “science” research is practices dreamed up by people who make guesses on how things work. Only something we invent, or build only we know 100% how it runs. Instead of how to prove the existence of something we may never understand, why don’t we use the time we have and learn about ourselves and maybe a reason we are here, i can’t name one, to learn. Learn as much as you can so when you pass on your knowledge can be spread around to living, to help them grow as beings or whatever they may be.

  38. Zachary says:

    Ok I’m going to shed some light on the fact that you guys obviously deviated from the original thought that Einstein thought himself that there was indeed a God, and you goons are definitely less intelligent than he was. RULE 1 Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, therefor it was always there. God says explicitly that he was always there having no beginning nor end. It does not mean that he IS energy, it only means that he is somehow linked to it and has the insane ability to manipulate it. that being the case he cannot die because if anything ever “wore out” it could be replaced, even assuming he has mortal body parts, which he doesn’t. When people want to prove that God doesn’t exist so bad that they overlook this fact, it’s quite pathetic. People have seen God, the entire Israeli nation saw him. Yes they could have lied, but you weren’t actually there so that is a silly reason to base an argument whatsoever until you’re a Christian or Jew. And him not showing himself doesn’t disprove him not being there. The bible has specific reasons why he doesn’t show himself on earth regarding Satan. There was, after all, a spiritual battle. And this all boils down to people attempting to undermine genesis and creation. I’m going to be quite frank on this one that is going to inflame some atheists…..EVOLUTION IS A HYPOTHESIS NOT A THEORY. There is no proof that animals can gain genetic information, only lose it. There is no proof that animals can gain a pair of chromosomes only lose them, except for when they gain one and that always leads to sterility and genetic defects because the chromosome cannot be paired. It’s only logical that from house saber tooth tigers to lions to cats….well….they’re all cats. 38 chromosomes. Dogs are the same way from wolves to dingos to poodles. There is also no evidence that genetic information can randomly be created by matter, more proof that an all powerful/all knowledgeable being had to lay out blue-prints originally. The third rule of cell theory created by atheist scientists states cells only arise from pre-existing cells. Scientific Community stop twisting information!!

  39. Zachary says:

    Oh and i’d like to add that Christians should stop distorting the bible to support their ridiculous theories about the age of the Earth and Whatnot. Carbon dating is as useful as a bag of rocks, and a little bit of internet search will easily show this. Every civilization on Earth refers to dinosaurs whether they call them dragons, dinosaurs, Drach`n, Lindwurm (Australian), Unktena (Cherokee), Liung (Chinese), or whatever. So Mike, I don’t know what evidence you are looking at or what holes but I assure you the majority of answers can be found in the bible, and the majority of those answers do, in fact have scientific backup, at least enough to there being a possibility that there is a god.

  40. Zachary says:

    Go Kindel btw!!! you hit home. To answer Zachman (nice name), the devil is not bad energy, simply another one of God’s perfect creations…He was perfect the day he was created but he was given the choice of free will. He became so infatuated with himself, he wanted to rule the heavens so he gathered followers (much like a human would). They were cast down from heaven onto Earth where they would remain imprisoned until judgement day.
    God did not destroy them because he did not want all of his other creations to love him out of fear. God is not a tyrant. So, being that humanity was tempted by a supernatural being twisted by sin, Jesus came to give us a way out of eternal damnation, which is why Satan hates us so much. We have what he could never have. Right now, he is the King of this world, but he cannot penetrate Jesus, so if you are saved he cannot reside in your heart. This doesn’t mean he can’t whisper things in your mind to tempt you, or use others to hurt you, it just means that he cannot penetrate your heart and salvation

  41. Michael says:

    I love it! Brendan, you are brilliant!

    The atheists and agnostics are stupid beings. It is time for mankind to prove, mathematically and scientifically, that God does exist. The evidence and proof for God is overwhelming. Then the naysayers can deliberately and with utter free will choose hell of their own accord. Let them rot!

    Once you look such proofs are everywhere! Here is another one.

    1. God exists
    2. Our belief in God is false.

    The second statement is either true or false. If we assume it’s true, then both statements are false. Specifically, the second statement is false. But, the only way the second statement can be false is for the first statement to be true! Thus God exists. On the other hand, if we directly assume the second statement is false, we again know the only way for this to be true is for the first statement to be true. Thus, in this case God exists. Therefore God exists! It is pure beautiful logic.

    My childhood minister taught me this when I was eight, bless his soul.

    God bless

  42. Mikey says:

    God is energy it is not some guy with a robe. I dont like using the word god to describe the maker of the universe cause “god” gets tied up with religion which has nothing to do with it.
    Energy is all around us we can smell it, taste it, touch it, hear it and see it. All these parts of energy came from one major energy force the big bang or as people call it GOD.

    Energy is just energy there is no “god” controlling energy

  43. brett says:

    ZARCHARY:your thoughts on evolution are quite wrong
    what about a tadpole, to a frog.
    They loose their tail, and gain legs,and also the ability to breath outside of water.
    worms to buterflys, they live in the dirt, then they go into a cacoon for awhile, and now can fly
    with your statement you said There is no proof that animals can gain a pair of chromosomes only lose them, except for when they gain one and that always leads to sterility and genetic defects because the chromosome cannot be paired….well their not defected,they evolved quite easily just like they have done for years.
    So with that would it really, be so hard for humans to evolve from monkeys, were really not that different, and also tadpoles and frogs,go from the rivers to land,so why cant we have done that billions of years ago.

  44. Ed says:

    There is a pure energy of God, just behind the veil of our perceived world, holding our world together, I am experiencing that even as I type this, I do not drink, nor do I take narcotics, I can actually see it as a form of wall or power grid, pinkish in color, you can believe me or not, I don’t care if you do; but it is a fact. I am so glad to have found your article about Einstein expressing this thought, I actually can see it, it is as if a curtain is partially lifted so I can see and understand it. All this has recently happened to me (two months ago)

  45. Thomas says:

    God is this, god is that. No body knows! That is the point. God can’t be explained so stop explaining what it is. People like you all are the only reason the atheists have an argument. They are just boring if they don’t believe in some sort of god, let them be. If we knew what god was, would it still be as special?

    • Brendan says:

      Brendan and Kerwin,

      I’m really glad I decided to google “god is energy” and found this blog. I’ve felt this way for a while but never had a conversation with someone who also sees it this way. Thank you both for putting it so eloquently. It makes so much more sense when stop using pronouns to refer to god.

      Couple of thoughts…

      Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. If god is energy, then god has always existed and will never cease to exist. This is consistent with many religious beliefs.

      I like the idea that energy is abstract and we are able to “intuit” these abstractions and connect with them through our self-sustaining energy – our soul. But, you only give examples of positive forms energy. What about greed, disgust, jealousy, fear, anxiety or just plain old hatred? How do you think these abstractions relate to the concept of Hell? I’ve struggled with this concept for a while now. Was hell an administrative creation of the Catholic Church to keep the masses in line during the unruly middle-ages or is there a spiritual/scientific rationale to deduce that such a realm exists? Any thoughts?

      Brendan (great name by the way)

  46. David says:

    Consider this. I’m not saying that God does exist, and I’m not saying that he doesn’t exist either. If God did create the universe, it would have to mean that he exists somewhere outside of our universe (lets call it Heaven) . Scientists agree that our universe is NOT infinite in size or lifespan, which means that it must have come into existence at some point. So either our universe came into existence spontaneously by pure chance/luck for absolutely no reason, OR our universe was created by God.

    Since the Bible states that God is infinite (he has no beginning or end) the physical laws of our universe would not permit him to exist in OUR universe. That would mean that if God was real he would have to exist outside of our universe in a place where there is either no dimension of time, or where there are multiple dimensions of time which would allow him to be infinite.

    In this way science can never disprove or prove the existence of God. We can only observe and explain what we see in our own universe. We cannot look beyond our own universe, and since all the laws of physics only apply and exist in our universe, those same laws cannot be used to explain what came before our universe, or what lies beyond its edges. In essence science is completely irrelevant to God.

    So what about all the evil in our world you might ask. If God created the universe then he must have created evil, therefore God must be evil. However you forget about the concept of free will. Also evil does not really exist in a physical form. It is just a concept of the human mind. God did not create evil – we did. Our actions dictate the existence of good or evil. It is our choice to make good or evil decisions, so if everybody made the right choices, there would be no such thing as evil. War, murder, crime – it all exists because people make the wrong decisions. Our universe is a testing ground to see who makes the right decisions in life and who makes the wrong decisions. Those who do good, end up in heaven. God cannot stop crime, war or murder because then there would be no free will and there would be no point to our universe.

    My personal opinion is this: all the patterns that we see in our mathematical equations, the perfect conditions for life, the theory of evolution, energy. It all seems to SUGGEST that our universe is the result of incredibly intelligent design. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe in coincidences or chance. Also I do not see what is so wrong about believing in something. If you do not believe in God, then that is fine, but don’t start disrespecting someone simply because they have a different belief system than you. What does it matter if someone believes in God? They’re not harming anyone with their faith. Remember: everyone is entitled to an opinion, and everyone believes in something different.

    PS: For those of you who don’t believe in God think about this. Is it really so wrong to believe in something you cant see or touch, something that cannot be proven by science? At the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether God does or does not exist. Religion is not about worshiping some metal statue on a rock. Its about believing in something. Its about having a sense of purpose in life. If you believe in God but he doesn’t exist and you die then thats bad luck. No afterlife for you :( but if there is no afterlife you will have no sense of self-awareness after you die so it would not matter. But if God IS real but you DON’T believe in Him, then youll probably end up in hell, which isn’t much of a retirement package. So if you are atheist, then its better to be safe then sorry. Better to believe in God and him not exist, than not believing in God and him existing.

    Do you really want to play Russian roulette with your soul?

  47. miles ware says:

    Hello again everyone,

    Cheers to you DAVID, with GOD existing out side our universe, that would indeed explain an actaul location for the existence of what we all know as “heaven”, and where the ENERGY it took to start the creation of our universe might of had to come from, that would have had to come from somewhere, other then the space needed to began to create it, because our universe and all its matter is mearly just a part of all our Human life and existance, that being said, GOD endeed exist out side of human life and therfore out side of our universe as well, but does that mean there is only one universe and we are the only intelagent life form in it, or does there need to be several universes created to have more then one intelagent life form? As I was saying hypotheticly, about the birth of a GOD did not nessarly mean, a physical existance in our universe, I mearly ment, a GODLY motion of space by itself, began to “push” or “Pull” at a vass amount of more space, releasing some kind of ENERGY and as a result, that later began the creation of our universe from that motion, but the qestion was, is it that of releaseing just enough of a GODs ENERGY to set into motion the creation of a universe, or was it the releaseing of “ALL” of a GODs ENERGY, just to set into motion the creation of our universe, still the believes of ENERGY and how, or how much, or if that of the very same GODs ENERGY that flows through our universe is what we think it is, all can still be argued.

    Just to be clear, I do believe we have a creater,
    But I think its cool how we can use Scientific evidence to and prove it?

    There is a Star in us all!
    Miles Ware

  48. Dr.Ali-Reza Assar says:

    You just imagine that if we manage to change the TOPOLOGY of space, say by identifying some subsets with each other , then we CREATE ENERGY. Energy is a mathematical entity closely related to the topology and geometry of the configuration space.

  49. Yaqub says:

    If God is love and omnipotent and omniscient then why allow suffering and oppression by people against other people and why allow earthquakes to hit here and there and cause great miseries. Personally speaking I believe there is a creator but let us not be gullible and take it for granted that his motives are good to us. I believe that knowledge emancipates us and lightens us.

  50. dwight keller-williams says:

    God is in matter of fact energy… but it still has to be determined as to what everything else is…. the brain sends electrical signals through the body once it’s about to die… and collects all of the energy that has been used for you consciousness, and imprints it on the space-time fabric… I have been thinking harder than any other human being could have possibly been thinking about it… I have come to the conclusion that we were created in the image of energy… how come it is that everything holds the image of energy? and how energy branches out? like a tree, or veins, kinda like how a crystal forms, God is energy…. but i also believe that he has a consciousness of it’s own, either wise, how did cells find the ability to reproduce without the help from a greater being? cells gained this from the consciousness of the energy that flows through us, I am digging deeper into how to access the consciousness of the energy that is around us… using the energy of my body in order to do it… understanding this has taken me into the depths of what could only be called a ntbp, or no turning back point. What does it mean if you cannot understand the implications that you make that start a downward spiral?

  51. MARK KIEFFER says:

    Yes I have seen God. Yes I have talked to God. Yes God is a person. Yes God was a Human at one time. Yes God is a Spirit. Yes he is Jesus Christ. Let me tell you something and you better listen good because the eternity of your soul depends on this.

    God loves all mankind. He desires that we all go to heaven when we die. Yes you have a soul. That is the real you. Your soul lives inside your body and it possesses all knowledge in spiritual form that your brain possesses but much more that your brain cannot easily access. Your soul is eternal. It will never die. After it leaves your body it is still completely conscious but extremely more conscious in many ways. It still has all 5+ senses but to a much greater degree because it is not working through material anymore.

    We are judged by God and his judgement are perfect. He judges by a higher standard than most know. Many people think they will make it to heaven because they are a good person. They are wrong. No one is good enough to pass the test of Gods’ standards. We are all evil to a certain degree. Have you ever lied? Stolen? Lusted? Said Gods name in vain? Dishonored your parents? etc. Look up the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

    The required payment for sinners is eternity in hell. Hell is real. It is terrible. Look up “33 Minutes in Hell” Your soul will litterally burn at close to 2000 degrees and you will be able to feel it.

    There is only one way to escape it. God loved us so much that he sent himself down in the form of a son and he was born of a virgin named Mary. He died on the cross as a payment to pay for all mans sins. It is a free gift. but it requires faith and acceptance.

    If the Holy Spirit has convicted your heart of this truth as you are reading this then say a prayer to God right now. Say this. Jesus I believe you are really God. I believe I am a sinner and deserve to go to hell. I accept your free gift payment for my sin so I do not have to suffer for my evil deeds. Please forgive me and teach me your ways. I want you to be my God and I will be your child. Make me to be born again and give me your Holy Spirit to live in me and guide me for the rest of my life.

    Now go to http://www.warriorsforjesuschrist.com and learn to follow Jesus.

  52. Steve Muir says:

    I have lived, and I have loved ….

    T’was enough ….

  53. Reblogged this on cherishwellbeing and commented:
    Awesome analogy Brendan.
    You know when you know stuff, but find it hard to explain, well Brendan you’ve done a stupendous job.
    Your analogy actually forms the basis of the book I’ve written (and searching for a publisher). ‘ Life’s A Load of Balls!’ . I use balls in a metaphorial way to explain the scientific principles of energy; and how the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical parts of a persons health can be synergised to work as a whole happy, healthy well being.
    Love Einstein’s eccentricity and courage to speak up with his thoughts. I’ve always felt a great affinity to his words of wisdom.

  54. Awesome Brendan – love it when you come across something that says what’s in your heart. The premise you use is the foundation on which I’ve written my book – ‘Life’s a Load of Balls!’ – How to Master the Game of Life and Handle Yours’. I use balls in a metaphorical way to explain the scientific principles of energy; and how the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical parts of a persons health can be synergised to work as a whole happy, healthy well being.
    Anyone know a publisher who’d be inspired to help me bring this magnificent work of art to light?

  55. saeed says:

    PLEASE PPL don’t attack, at least the writer is trying to explain what’s around.

    OK then, ASK U THIS, WHERE DID Energy which makes-up Mass came from, or more precisely is coming from continuously? There is a continuous charging and empowering to our (universe for the smaller nuclei and energies) to keep existing, ask that from any professor in Chemistry.

    So just face it, like it or not our uni is getting powered by an unknown existent, call the creator/supplier of continuous E==> of our matter and mass: GOD.
    pls correct me if u find out and with proof that am wrong. : )

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