Meaning of Life: Who are You and Why are You Here?

The meaning of life is to realize that you a divine being who is here to express its divinity in this world. You are more than who you think you are. You are endowed with a spiritual self in addition to your human self. In other words you have a dual nature; a human self that is your body, emotions and mind, which most of us primarily identify with, and a spiritual self that we also call the soul, spirit, higher self or consciousness, which most of us believe in but have no understanding of. We may think that we are a person who has a soul and the point of the soul, if there is any, is to be our “body” when we’re walking around in heaven talking to everyone we know who has died. But the truth is that we are the spiritual self who is using the human self to express itself in this world.

And what does the soul want to express, in other words, why are we here? The soul wants to use the human self to express the divine qualities of love, wisdom, joy, peace, goodwill, generosity, forgiveness, integrity, harmony, etc. as much and as completely as possible in this world during this lifetime. Truly realizing that you are this eternal, immortal spiritual self who is using the human self is the start of enlightenment and expressing the soul’s divine qualities in everything you say, think and do is the meaning of life and the reason you’re here.

Why is this the meaning of life? This is the meaning of life for at least two reasons. First it’s because through this process divinity finds its full expression. It is brought from potentiality to actuality and is therefore complete. It’s like an inventor who takes an idea from his mind, which would unfulfilled if left there, to a physical product that is used by and benefits another. Second, the increased ability of the spiritual self to express divinity through the human self in this world survives the death of the human self. In other words it’s the soul that learns how to better express itself through the human form during the course of a lifetime. The spiritual self then brings this improved quality of character (the origin of the word character is enduring marks) into its next human lifetime. This is the only thing that endures and survives a lifetime. All things of the human self (e.g. possessions, identity, accomplishments, experiences, etc.) end no matter what the immature, ignorant human self cares to believe. All things of the spiritual self live on because it is an eternal, immortal force created by God.

Please feel free to add your thoughts, comments and questions below. I am also particularly interested in hearing about what you know of the soul…not a definition…not an opinion…but what you really know – your intuitive understanding – of the soul.



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  1. Andrea says:

    I love that quote. I found this site through looking up another of my favourites “Selfish little clod…” I wrote about it here.
    The question I have to ask is (from reading your post to with “Rise and Shine”)…
    Do you believe the soul started with Jesus? Do you think Jesus was the first starter of all that is metaphysical? (Or) Do you think of these Bible stories as metaphor? Where would Adam and Eve, from your post, fit into this (in terms of having a soul)? Would the soul if it is immortal predate all of the bible?
    I am not Christian but I am spiritual. Do you believe that is possible?
    I am unsure of what I believe and am interested in your answers. I am not questioning without any interest in hearing what you have to say. I am sincere, I guess that is what I’m trying to say to you…
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Edward says:

    This is what I believe as a Christian. God made us in His ‘Own Image’. This means to me He put His spirit in us and formed us out of nothing as with all His creation so therefore we could be considered firstly spiritual, then human. Also, God is Love and God is Spirit, therefore the spirit of God is Love and that is what God is all about. Jesus, being the Son of God, the same as God and who was with God in the beginning[ John ch 1] came to mainly show us who God was, is and still to come. What was the point of Jesus dying on the cross, proclaiming to be God unless it was for a reason..that reason being one of salvation born of love

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