Welcome to the 34th edition of the Carnival of Healing! This Carnival is a weekly round-up of blogs and articles across the Internet that focus on holistic health, wellness, self-empowerment, and spirituality. I am very glad to be hosting this week and I’ve enjoyed being the one with a “sneak peek” into what’s going to be in the Carnival. The Carnival’s “home-base” is found at About.com’s (a part of the New York Times Company) Holistic Healing site run by Phylameana lila Desy (thanks for everything Phyl!). Now, let’s get on with the show.

Deepak Chopra, M.D., the well-known spiritual teacher, best-selling author, and medical doctor, offers a health post and spirituality post this week through Intentblog. In “Why People Get Sick”, Dr. Chopra addresses the intriguing question of why does some of us get sick when others, exposed to the same conditions, don’t. We tend to assume that medical science has it all figured out and, as they’ve explained to us, if we just diligently avoid germs, we won’t get sick. It doesn’t work like that and other factors, namely stress and spiritual health, are the true keys to health.

In “Does God Have a Future” (the first of a three-part series), Deepak Chopra addresses the growth and problems of religious fundamentalism. What’s the basic problem? It’s the inability to reconcile the seeming differences between reason and faith. Deepak suggests that, “people have to find their way back to spirituality one person at a time” and, I would suggest, regular Carnival of Healing readers and hosts seem to be doing just that. I can attest to this individual search for spiritual understanding as nearly everyday someone types in Google something like “bible, literal, figurative” and comes to my article “Bible: Literal or Figurative?”

From one spiritual teacher to another…Carl Japikse has been teaching about spiritual growth, meditation, creativity, and the development of the mind for over 30 years. As part of Light and Ariel Press, he has written numerous books including “Active Meditation”, “Forces of the Zodiac” ( both co-authored by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D.) and “Exploring the Tarot”. Carl writes an Internet column called Above the Mean twice a week. In his recent article, “Half & Half”, Carl welcomes us into spring and Aries with an invigorating dose of the-glass-is-half-filled optimism. With all of the seeming problems of the world it’s easy for some to succumb to pessimism. What’s the problem with pessimism? As Carl so eloquently writes, “Pessimism is a parasite that lodges in the value system of the person who entertains it, and slowly feeds on his or her thinking capacity, until it is fully destroyed.” Carl leaves us with an optimistic spring fever from William Shakespeare, Robert Frost and Helen Keller and he implores us to “let the seeds of optimism take root in our mind.” (Note, Above the Mean is a subscription-based column and “Half & Half” is a free sample. I am an extremely satisfied subscriber and I highly recommend it but I do not benefit or profit from new subscribers and I am not affiliated with the publisher.)

In his Parapsychology articles and blog, Jacob encourages us to believe, through his article “Belief levels and the path of a healer”. Can a healer heal you? Can you be a healer? Are psychic phenomena true? The answer is NO…if you don’t at least believe in the possibility. When you do, as Jacob says, “almost anything is possible, be it your health, your career or your new abilities.”

In, “Time for Letting Go…”, Jodie Foster, an Intuitive Counselor & Consultant, explains the Art of Surrender, which is to let go of any preconceived outcomes and to trust that what we create will blossom as it’s suppose to. In her article she uses a phrase that rings true; Divine Right Timing. Jodie is referring to surrendering to the fruits of our labor but I think she is also suggesting we surrender during the process of creation. All of us bloggers can relate to this letting go or surrender when we write. I find that the words come easiest when I’m not trying too hard and I “let go” of trying to be perfect.

No Carnival of Healing is complete without a nutritional health article or two. In “The Two Sides of Malnourishment” we learn that malnourishment, typically thought to represent people who are too thin, can, paradoxically, also represent people who are obese. How? Poor food choices. People can be overweight and malnourished because the cheapest and most pleasure-packed foods are basically varying forms of packaged fat and sugar with little to no nutritional value. This article goes on to explain the differences between good and bad fats. In “Don’t Take This with a Grain of Salt” we learn that most of us are significantly exceeding the levels of sodium we need and that there are excessive amounts of sodium in many foods. It concludes with links to other sites for more information on recommended sodium levels.

Finally, yours truly, has completed a seven-part series of articles (most are short) addressing another person’s deep and personal question, “What the Hell is the Meaning of Life?” The series’ topics include money, work, prestige, relationships, meritocracy and religious faith. The first entry is called What’s the Meaning of Life? A Response, Part 1. Please feel free to look around and let me know what you think.

The 33th edition of the Carnival was hosted at Holistic Healing.

Next week (Saturday, April 1st) the Carnival will be held at Intuitive Living.

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