My “Favorite” Things

In The Sound Of Music, Maria, played by Julie Andrews, had it all wrong when she sang “My Favorite Things” to her frightened Von Trapp family charges. You remember the song right? It begins “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” She basically tells the children to think pleasant thoughts when they’re feeling sad or scared. Although simplistic, this is all very well and good for children. But what most adults today need is a completely different perspective on what to consider our “favorite” things. We have a tendency to minimize our blessings and exaggerate our problems. We particularly don’t know how to put our problems in perspective. They are almost always seen as great tragedies that are usually someone else’s fault. We need to remember that we always have the ability to control how we react to a situation and that all “negative” situations are opportunities in disguise. For example, do you have to lose your temper when your child doesn’t clean up his room? Is it his fault if you do? No. It’s an opportunity for you to practice tolerance and patience while at the same time being firm and asserting your authority as a parent. Do you have to whine and complain whenever your boss loads you with work? Is it her fault if you do? No. It’s an opportunity for you to practice competence and wisdom while you also recognize your part in the service to humanity no matter how “small”.

So let’s look at our so-called problems, annoyances and grievances in a whole new way. They’re not as horrible as they seem to be. In fact they are usually ideally suited to help you improve yourself. Remember you can control yourself. You can dictate how you’ll handle a situation. You always have a choice. You should always strive to find the best of any problem and put it in a larger perspective. Look at them as opportunities to be loving, kind, wise, compassionate, tolerant, peaceful, cheerful, patient, strong, forgiving and beautiful!

With this in mind below is my version of “My Favorite Things”. As you read this imagine that it’s a dark stormy night and you’re cuddled-up on a bed under the quilt with a young Julie Andrews as she’s singing these words sweetly in your ear. You know the tune.

“My Favorite Things - Revised”

Lazy fat husbands and sudden flat tires
Barks from the bosses and teens that are liars
Gas prices rising like rockets with wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Long traffic jams and money that’s tight
Know-it-all friends and the delayed air flight
Wives that complain and have wild mood swings
These are a few of my favorite things

Blockbuster movies that have no good plot
Computers that crash from the spam that’s a lot
Old politicians with BS that flings
These are a few of my favorite things

Clogs in the gutters and weeds high as maize
Misguided Muslims and bad hair days
Work that won’t quit with the phone’s constant rings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog plays
When the bird sings
When I’m feeling glad
I also remember my “favorite” things
And they don’t make me feel so bad

Be grateful for everything and be sure to Love Life…ALL of it!

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