Thank You Fellow Bloggers Meme!

I’m feeling extra thankful and grateful today. Perhaps it’s due to a combination of the recent, all-to-early deaths of Dana Reeve, 44 and Kirby Puckett, 45 and the residual effects of hearing last Sunday’s Academy Award recipients thanking all those who’ve helped them. But I have a renewed sense of appreciation for my family, my friends and my job and all that I have. Also, in January I started this blog on a topic that I’ve been studying for a long time, spiritual and personal growth. I am enjoying it very much and I’ve been most grateful and thrilled with the positive and complimentary comments I’ve received so far.

So, I want to extend this sense of appreciation to the whole blogging community. I want to publicly thank all of the fellow bloggers that, although they don’t know it, have helped me very much. I also think that this kind of public thanks is the best way we can show our fellow bloggers how much we appreciate each other (maybe “tipping” is the best way and please do so if it’s accepted and you have the means). So let’s see if we can start a Thank You Fellow Bloggers Meme. Who has helped you start your blog? Who has taught you how to increase traffic to your blog? Who has shown you how to earn money from your blog? Who has best explained the key blog characteristics like comments, trackbacks, tags, categories and blogrolls? Who taught you about RSS and feed aggregators? In general, let’s publicly thank our fellow bloggers, particularly those that don’t already know us, who have helped us with our blogging.

My Thank You Fellow Bloggers Meme

I have to start my public thanks with the first blogger I’ve ever read, Seth Godin. Seth is a marketing expert who I was introduced to through another marketer and big Internet presence, Joe Vitale (at the time Joe didn’t have a blog but he does now – Beyond Marketing). To read Seth’s blog I would pull it up from my favorites when I would remember (what an antiquated idea after discovering RSS, which Seth introduced me too). The big thing that Seth did to really get me into blogging is put out his four, free ebooks; Knock, Knock, Who’s There, Everyone’s an Expert, and Flipping the Funnel. One of the best examples of what Seth does to help us think correctly about our blogs is this short but powerful post; How can I get more traffic? Thank you Seth!

The next blogger I want to thank is one of my most favorite, Steve Pavlina. I found Steve’s site by doing a Google search on quitting coffee and found this article. Immediately I knew Steve and I were “kindred spirits”. He was writing about a lot of the things that I’ve been interested in and studying for 20 years namely, personal and spiritual development. All of his articles are interesting but some that have really inspired me to start and grow my blog including How to Build a High Traffic Website (or Blog) and Blogging for Personal Growth. Thank you Steve!

Next, I have to thank, not one blogger, but the gang at, particularly Nick Wilson, Chris Garrett and Andy Hagans. These guys are really inspiring and bring a sense of “I did it and you can too” to new bloggers. All of their articles, and the comments that follow, have been extremely helpful but here are three that I want to point out; Chris’ reviews of the available blog software (which was instrumental my decision to use Wordpress), Nick’s straight talking Ten Signs of a Cheap Blog and Andy’s Monetization Makeovers. Thank you Nick, Chris, Andy and all the other contributors at Performancing!

Reading these three blogs lead to starting my own blog using Wordpress. A big thank you goes to Matt Mullenweg, Ryan Boren and all the developers who created and maintain this excellent, FREE, blog software program. If you’re new to Wordpress there is an excellent support system of bloggers who contribute to the extensive Codex and who patiently answer questions on the Support Forum. But when I was first learning I stumbled upon a person that really helped me with the basics of CSS and other Wordpress stuff (of which I was clueless); Podz. One of the invaluable things that Podz taught me was to download the WebDeveloper toolbar in Firefox to directly tinker with and edit the CSS. Thank you Matt, Ryan, all at Wordpress and Podz!

After a long search I decided to use the great K2 Wordpress theme created by Michael Heilemann and Chris J. Davis. It is clean, flexible and easy to use. As with Wordpress, the K2 theme as a lot of people who support and answer newbie questions at this forum. One person who has really helped me with K2 is Paul Stamatiou. A perfect example of his great articles supporting K2 is the first in a series called Customizing K2. Thanks Michael, Chris and Paul and all the K2 community!

I also want to thank the following Wordpress plugin developers for helping to make my site so much better; Arnaud Froment for Extended Live Archives, Alexander Malov and Mike Lu for Related Posts, Scott Merrill for Subscribe 2 and the Backup and Wayne Keith Walrath for Adsense Deluxe. All of your plugins are excellent. Thank all of you for your time and effort!

The next blogger that I would like to thank is Dave Taylor. Dave’s site is Ask Dave! and he provides such a wide range of Internet, blogging, marketing, writing and general computer advice, it’s hard to know where to start. These two posts are typical of the great service that Dave provides and the advice in these two post in particular have stuck with me; Why would I bother with a Weblog or Blog when I could just build a regular Web site? and How do I get more traffic to my blog? Thank you Dave!

One of the best educations you can get on blogging, building traffic and earning a few buck from blogging can be found at Darren Rowse’s Problogger site. You can literally spend days there learning how to blog. If you have any questions about how to increase your traffic this is the first place to go. Again, Darren has taught me so much it’s hard to pinpoint specific post but here are two that I’ve bookmarked because they inspire me; 18 Lessons I’ve Learnt About Blogging and (Another) Day in the Life of a Problogger. Thank you Darren!

Last, but not at all least, is someone who isn’t as well known as the above bloggers, (I could be wrong), but who deserves to be, Lorelle VanFossen. When I thought to thank all the bloggers who helped me get started; Lorelle is the first who comes to mind. She is the most thorough, thoughtful and prolific teacher of all things about blogging and WordPress that I’ve have come across on the Net. Her two main areas of focus are improving blog traffic and blog quality (e.g. the writing). Lorelle cares more about the quality of blogs than anyone else does. For example, in the article The 12 Biggest Problems with Your Blogs, Lorelle taught me that my site had poor navigation since my single post view had no site navigation other than the next and previous posts. A seemingly small tweak to your site to fix something like this will help your readers stay longer. Another great example of what Lorelle teaches is The Top Ten Clues That You Are an Amateur Blogger. Thank you Lorelle!

If you’re interested in continuing this meme, don’t forget to link to this in your entry. Suggested link back text: “This entry is inspired by the Thank You Fellow Bloggers Meme at”.

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  1. 1 Paul Stamatiou

    Whoa, that’s a mighty comprehensive list you’ve got there. Glad I could be of help.

  2. 2 Lorelle

    Wow! This is wonderful. Inspiring. And humbling. Okay, and a little embarrassing. Thank you for the kind words.

    It is very important that we spread the “good word” as well as our opinions and whines in our blogs. You’ve set a prime example. We need to be thankful for the people who put so much time and effort into giving us the benefit and freedom to blog, and often for free.

    The WordPress Codex is one that deserves a ton of thanks. Hundreds and hundreds of documents all written for free by people who learned a little and knew how to explain it to others and by those who are experts in their field but still willing to share what they know - all for free. All for love. These people enjoy working with WordPress and wanted to give something back to the WordPress Community.

    And what sharing! What altruism! They do this all without recognition or publicity. Anonymous documentation that helps to make WordPress better every day.

    My thanks goes to them for creating a continuing and living manual for WordPress.

    You’ve started something here! Watch out!

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