Marty Nemko, a career coach, author and radio talk-show host in the San Francisco area, who has very practical career and educational advice that I highly recommend, wrote a very personal article titled “What the Hell is the Meaning of Life”. This article is the second (here is the first) of a seven part series in response to Marty’s question. In this article I’ll address the issue of money from a spiritual perspective.

Marty wrote,

“When I was a teenager, I thought money was the answer. So, I took after-school jobs, and tried to buy my way into contentment: clothes, nice car. That didn’t do it.”

You can’t buy your way to an understanding of life. From a lower perspective, i.e. the personality’s, the pursuit of money is an attempt to achieve comfort and security. We want to avoid pain and gain pleasure and acquiring money seems like the way to do this. However from a higher perspective, i.e. the soul’s, these attempts are futile because it’s only the personality that is only temporarily satisfied with a surplus of money. True satisfaction, comfort and security comes from knowing that your true self is eternal and immortal and that we’re all a part of the benevolent, divine plan that created and sustains us.

True wealth comes from a recognition of the abundance of divine life. There is no end to the wisdom, joy, love, peace, courage, grace and beauty that are available to you. You say that you can’t use these qualities to put food on the table? You can when you learn to infuse your life with this divinity. For example if you apply wisdom and love to your work, rather than look at it as drudgery, you’ll intuit it’s purpose and importance, think about how to best perform it, generate enthusiasm to perform it and act to the best of your abilities. When you do this you’ll stand out from the crowd and there will always be demand for your services to humanity.

Next time – is work or, in particular, noble work the answer to the meaning of life?

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